About Ottawa Condo Registry

The Condo Registry represents a valuable source of information pertaining to condominiums in Ottawa and surrounding regions. It provides a listing of all Condominium Corporations and their property managers, serving as a channel of communications between the various constituents.

Introduced in 1998:

The first condo “Register” was introduced in 1998.  The Register was updated annually until 2006 when it stopped being produced, leaving a tremendous void for anyone seeking information about condominiums in the Ottawa-Carleton region.

Marketplace Publishers Inc. assumed responsibility for producing the Condo Registry in late 2012 and for ensuring that is updated annually.  The information contained in the Registry is obtained from Property Management Companies. Their contribution is greatly appreciated.

1200 Condos listed:

The Condo Registry lists close to 1200 condominiums in Ottawa and surrounding regions – a combination of both high rise and low rise, including townhomes. The Registry also lists Co-Operative Housing, Municipal Non-Profit Housing and Private Non-Profit Housing; as well as co-tenancies.

Each condominium is registered as a numbered “Condominium Corporation”.  The listing includes “Carleton Condominium Corporations” (CCC), “Ottawa-Carleton Condominium Corporations” (OCCC), “Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporations” (OCSCC), “Russell Condominium Corporations” (RCC) and “Lanark” (LNCC).

Property Managers & Key Info:

Condominium Corporations are either self-managed, or managed by Property Management Companies that are responsible for the upkeep of the property and for enforcing the declarations, by-laws and rules and regulations of the Condominium Corporation.  The Registry lists the Property Managers responsible for each Condominium Corporation, along with contact information.  The listing for each condominium property in the Condo Registry contains the registered number issued by the Ontario Land Registrar at the time of construction, the name and address of the condo; as well as the name and contact information for the Property Manager. The following shows a typical entry in the Registry:


The Condo Registry also contains a separate listing of all the Property Management Companies in the Ottawa area, including contact information.

List of all advertisers by category:

A listing of all advertisers by category provides easy access for anyone seeking information on businesses that offer products and services to the condominium industry.

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