Testimonials for the Registry

“My company relied heavily on the Condo Register for new business leads when it was first available between 1998 and 2005. It was an excellent source of information about all the condominiums in the Ottawa area, including both high rises and townhomes. Having a complete listing of all the property managers responsible for the upkeep of the condos meant that we could readily inform them of our services and solicit their interest directly. It also offered us an excellent opportunity to advertise in the Register making our services known to all the property managers across town.

When the Register stopped being produced in 2006, it left a tremendous void for many businesses that serviced the condo industry. Because new condominiums are constantly being built, and property management companies come and go, the Register soon became outdated and obsolete. We could no longer rely on having accurate information about the condo industry for our business.

This is why I was delighted to learn that Marketplace Publishers had agreed to take on the task of producing the Condo Registry starting in early 2013. Marketplace Publishers has been a strong advocate of local businesses for many years, producing monthly newsletters that highlight the products and services of companies throughout the Ottawa region.  Knowing that Marketplace Publishers will update the Condo Registry every year gives me great confidence that we will have a reliable directory with accurate information. This will be a welcomed addition to all service providers of the condo industry. I am therefore 100% behind the initiative and look forward to being able to advertise in it again.”

Doug Van Alstine

Van’s Pressure Cleaning Ltd.

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